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Early Maths Matters!
Mathematics learning in early childhood.
The only ones in Poland!
The only ones in West Pomerania!
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Do you speak English?
We do!
English language in everyday classes.
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Open children's eyes to the World!
At the British Mathematics Kindergarten!
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What distinguishes our offer?

A Friendly environment

The „FUN & MATH” British Mathematical Preschool is a unique place in Szczecin that offers care and education for the youngest. We are located in Szczecin’s most beautiful district – Pogodno. The inimitable atmosphere of this part of the city puts you in a friendly mood. It is a sheltered place far from the city centre and the hubbub of its busy streets...

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English language

 As befits a British preschool, English will be experienced everywhere all day long. There will not be English lessons. We will make sure children acquire this language instinctively, just as they did when learning to speak their mother tongue. That is why our teachers use English while playing, walking, having meals, or doing the “serious” stuff, like Mathjogs...

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Experienced staff

Do you know that logical-mathematical intelligence begins to develop in humans even before we have learnt to walk? Already as a toddler, by taking various objects in our hands, we assess and learn their purpose and thus get to know causality. As a child, we learn to recognize the fundamental sensory standards: colour, shape and size...

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